Determining what businesses are the right ones to pursue as clients can be one of the most challenging tasks when prospecting leads for building websites.

There are a great number of important factors to review about a business when you’re researching them. Then, when you consider all the different niche markets that exist and the specific requests and requirements that can come from each of them, the process can feel overwhelming.

In addition to that, even when you are able to focus on a specific niche, it can still be difficult to determine where your priorities should lie so that you get quality leads in your pipeline before you even begin to reach out to them.

Through years of dialing in our process, our team has been able to generate a few qualifiers that really seem to be universally when we’re prospecting for website clients.

Here are 4 Universal Questions We Ask When Qualifying Website Client Leads :

1. Do they have a current website or social media presence?

This may seem like a total no-brainer, but we tend to run the other way when we come across prospects that don’t have a current website or some semblance of a social media presence. Reason being, we have a lot more to teach them than we typically have time to and we’d rather keep the engine running.

2. Have they been in business at least 3 years?

Nothing against new businesses getting started, but in our experience, a business needs to have a little seasoning under their belt to become the kind of partner we’re looking to attain. With at least 3 years in operation, these owners already have a real grasp of their business and what does/does not or can/cannot work for them.

3. Is their current website mobile-responsive?

We could spew all the facts and percentages that you’ve probably heard a million times, but let’s be real. You already know how many people that visit websites are doing so on their phone, so when we come across one that’s not mobile-responsive, our interests are peaked.

4. Does their current website answer the core questions of a potential customer?

Seems like another “duh” idea, but you’d be surprised how many current websites out there fail to acknowledge very specific questions like location, services, and contact information. If they’re missing this information, they need you.

If you qualify prospects using these simple but specific elements, you’re well on your way to producing a quality lead that’s much more likely to convert into a full-time client.

Want to see a quick walkthrough of our simple lead qualification process? Watch this video:

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