We have an amazing platform with pre-made templates right at our finger tips, but how do we customize those templates to give them our branding personality? Follow along with some amazing tips on how to make your website pop with personality.

Tip 1: Finding the right color palette.

Finding the right color palette can be hard and cumbersome, but thanks to our good friend Canva we can make finding the right colors that work together easier than ever.

From choosing the perfect background color, text color, button colors and even overlay colors Canva color palette with help you make your website stay tide a true to your brand as well as make your website pop off the screen.

Lets get your color palette up and going by visiting this link HERE.

Tip 2: Adding Video

Setup your “About” section with video so not only are your potential customers putting a face to the name, but now you can put a personalized message with it as well!

Welcoming your customers to your website is a huge hit and really helps them make a clear decision to work with you.

Tip 3: Adding Animated Images

Did you know that adding a moving action packed picture to your website will really make it pop of the page and have your visitors become more engaged?

Not sure where to get animated images from? You can create your own or pick one from within Canva to add to your site.

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