In our extensive work with Chiropractic clients, we’ve learned one lesson that seems to apply more than most others: Chiropractors are extremely busy people.

Aside from the obvious time actually spent treating patients, Chiropractors are constantly working to be more involved in their communities or working to communicate effectively with current patients, which can often leave little-to-no time actually seeking out new patients.

That’s why having an effective website built to actually send new patients through the doors is undeniably important to our Chiropractic clients. And, when we say effective, we mean high-converting.

Of course, when building a Chiropractic website, you have to incorporate some extremely technical aspects like mobile-responsiveness, fast load speeds, and search engine optimization.

But you can’t look over some of the more “basic” elements of your Chiropractic website, either. There are a handful of pieces that we’ve found to be crucial to any successful Chiropractic website. And, by successful, we mean high-converting.

Here are our 5 Important Elements of Successful Chiropractic Websites:

1. Meet the Doctor

The element of trust is huge when seeking a Chiropractor, so you want to introduce the doctor as early as possible. You want to include personal elements such as a photo, background, community involvement, and personal interests.

2. Services Offered

Many Chiropractors specialize in specific elements of treatment like back pain, neck pain, and headache relief, so including those elements, along with conditions that can be treated, is essential.

3. Clear Calls-to-Action

Online researchers need to know how to get in touch with you, so it’s important to include phone numbers to call, email addresses to contact, how to book an appointment, etc.

4. Visual Appeal

The colors, images, and videos used throughout your site help tell a story. You want yours to be one that is professionally designed and cohesive.

5. Testimonials

Make it easy to see what other patients of yours have experienced and it becomes easy for them to imagine the same for themselves.

To build and display these highly-converting websites for our Chiropractic clients, we use a software called Net Engine.

Check out the video below to watch us construct a Chiropractic website in minutes:

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