We’ve been fortunate through the years to work with clients across a wide variety of niches and, more often than not, they are all alike in one specific way: they’re all extremely busy.

In many cases, our landscaping clients aren’t just business owners, they’re the ones mowing lawns and trimming hedges. Which means they have little to no time to spend focusing on their online presence.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re invaluable members of the community and they understand the importance of marketing their business, they just simply don’t have the time to devote anywhere else.

That’s why we have such great success bringing landscaping clients onboard, because we are good at articulating the value and importance of having an website built to actually bring them new customers.

Of course, when building a Landscaping website, you have to incorporate some extremely technical aspects like mobile-responsiveness, fast load speeds, and search engine optimization.

But you can’t overlook some of the more standard elements of your Landscaping website, either. There are a handful of pieces that we’ve found to be crucial to any successful Landscaping website. And, by successful, we mean high-converting.

Here are 4 Important Elements of Successful Landscaping Websites:

1. Clear Calls-to-Action

Potential customers need to know how to get in touch with you, so it’s important to include phone numbers to call, email addresses to contact, how to request a quote, etc.

2. Services Offered

Many Landscapers specialize in different elements of the business, like lawn care, design, installation, etc. so their website needs to be able to efficiently explain those services.

3. Meet the Team

The element of trust can be a major factor when selecting a landscaper, so introducing your team on the website can go a long way in establishing that rapport right out of the gate. Including personal elements such as photos, backgrounds, community involvement, and personal interests make a difference in many cases.

4. Testimonials

While we’re on the subject of trust, we can’t leave testimonials off this important list. Making it easy to see what other customers of yours have experienced is paramount to the decision-making process.

To build and display these highly-converting websites for our Landscaping clients, we use a software called Net Engine.

Check out the video below to watch us construct a Chiropractic website in minutes:

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