We’ve all heard the phrase “you buy with your eyes” right? Even if you haven’t, chances are you can automatically connect with that ideal.

Think about the last time you went to the grocery store. What items are almost always placed at the very front? Fruits and vegetables.

That’s 100% by design. The bright colors and fresh aromas are placed there to entice shoppers to make purchases.

The same goes for department stores. That’s why so many of them place the fragrance sections towards the front of the store, to create a sensory experience for shoppers.

The process of building websites for our Florist clients takes it even further. We take every step we can to create an experience that truly caters to all senses and encourages prospective customers to become avid shoppers.

We’ve even begun to take advantage of a handful of elements of the Net Engine editor to create some really great sites for our clients.

Here are a Few Senses We Cater to and How We Do It:

1. Sight

This one is pretty obvious, but we start out building Florist websites by collecting visually-appealing images and videos to be placed throughout the site. Many times, these are the first things you see when you visit one of our sites, because we understand how important it is to see the products these businesses offer.

2. Smell

It’s not enough to include images and videos on your sites that look amazing. We go the extra mile to choose imagery that is so vibrant, so appealing, that you can actually smell the flowers. Just think about some of the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen, whether in a picture or in person, and I’d be willing to bet you can already smell them. That’s what we want our sites to do.

3. Touch

Again with the imagery, but you probably know where we’re going here. Creating visuals that you can feel, almost physically, but definitely subconsciously, is a vital element to our sites. Not only do we choose imagery that you can almost feel, but we want the touch to extend to the emotions, as well, through testimonials, contact forms, and even the business location.

4. Sound

Whenever possible, we want potential customers to actually hear from our clients as well. Many times, we’ll elicit biographies/introductions or arrangement demonstrations from our clients, or we’ll reach out for video testimonials from satisfied customers that can help do the talking for the business.

Essentially, when I’m talking to prospective Florist clients, I’m selling them on the fact that I can build them a website that can truly sell the senses.

Check out this video below to see how we’re using Net Engine to do just that:

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