We’re likely all in agreement that our pets are true extensions of our family. In many cases, they ARE our family and we’ll do anything to make sure they feel and look good.

So when we sit down to work with our clients in the Pet Grooming industry, we’re constantly seeking opportunities to develop initiatives that are going to bring them the most success possible. Obviously, we do this with clients of every niche, but we always enjoy a chance to highlight our pet groomer friends.

When it comes to building websites for those clients, we always want to take it a step further. Naturally, we work to build them sights designed to drive business through their doors but we are constantly brainstorming ways to raise the bar.

One fool-proof way to increase visibility, impact, and conversion on Pet Grooming websites is through the use of video testimonials.

Customer testimonials are an invaluable way to build any brand, so the power of adding the element of video to the testimony of a satisfied customer takes it to the next level.

Here are our 3 Important Ways Video Testimonials Can Supercharge a Pet Grooming Website:

1. They Build Trust

The element of trust is huge when seeking a Pet Groomer so while a written testimonial can provide your service with some valuable opinion, a video actually makes that opinion more credible and engaging because you see and hear a reaction.

2. They Retain

Customers are much more likely to watch an entire video than read an entire review, plus they tend to retain the message at a much higher rate than written reviews.

3. They Convert

The ability to relate to someone who has used a service and taken the time to provide a video testimonial can be one of the most important factors in a service decision.

In short, when your website can easily display how using your service is better than that of your competition, you’ve won the game.

Check out this video below to see how we’re using video testimonials to win the game for our Pet Grooming clients:

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