Creating a new website for your business or your clients can be a truly daunting task, especially with a limited amount of time and financial resources.

That’s why the team at Net Engine consistently produces and introduces new and enhanced features to this amazing site building application.

On top of the extremely important elements of providing a solution that’s easy to use, affordable, and creates beautiful, high-converting websites, Net Engine wants to always provide businesses and agencies with as many choices as possible to allow for true differentiation.

This week’s release of several new blocks supports just that. A few of the new blocks available include:

  • A New “Banner” Block Option
  • A New “About” Block Option
  • A New “Services” Block Option
  • A Brand New “Trial” Block

These new blocks provide a whole new level of flexibility to sites of a wide variety of niches.

See below for a video explanation of these new additions and the many uses for them:

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