It can be truly mind-blowing when we stop to think about the wide variety of niches for which we provide website services. Almost on a weekly basis, we bring on a new client from a new niche that challenges us to stretch our knowledge and understanding of businesses as a whole.

That’s why the team at Net Engine has placed such a premium on the wide variety of niche-specific templates that are available to resellers of our system.

But, every now and again, we’re faced with challenges even beyond those templates and forced to think even further outside the box to build a beautiful, high-converting website that falls outside the “normal” scope.

This week’s release of a brand new “Start from Scratch” template is going to give us so much freedom to take on more requests from clients looking to build from the ground up.

In fact, we look at it almost like building a new house. You must start by building the structural foundation and framework, then you get to follow up with the pieces that make it more like a home. Things like:

  • Logos
  • Color Schemes
  • Imagery
  • Content

Of course, there’s so much more that can go into this process, but you can’t lose site of the importance of laying the groundwork.

See below for a video explanation of how to use the new template:

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