As website builders, our agency is constantly seeking opportunities to add value to the sites of businesses with which we work.

Our clients are consistently impressed with our willingness to make small changes and updates regularly that produce results. They’re even more impressed when we display the initiative to provide these upgrades at no cost to them.

Finding small ways to add value to our clients’ websites is the number one reason we’ve had so much success maintaining longterm relationships with our partners. Plus, these are the things that make them all so willing to sing our praises to other business owners.

That’s why Net Engine’s introduction of the new location block feature is so incredibly vital. This important addition adds a great deal of validity to our sites while also making it easier on prospective customers to walk through the doors of the businesses.

Current resellers can access this amazing new feature by following these simple steps:

  1. Click EDIT on the site you’d like to update.
  2. Click the ADD NEW BLOCK button.
  3. Select LOCATION then select the 2nd option, which looks like a map.
  4. Click into the location block and insert the address.
  5. The map will update using the new address and you’re free to move the block where you’d like it to live on the site.

See below for a video walkthrough of how to use this exciting new feature:

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