The more websites our agency continues to develop and deploy, the more we have realized the importance of remembering to take all necessary steps to maintain the attractiveness of links on our sites.

As you can imagine, our team has done A LOT of researching of websites and you’d probably be surprised to know that link mismanagement is a problem we see quite often.

Finding small ways to add value to our clients’ websites is a huge part of why we’ve had so much success maintaining longterm relationships with our partners. Plus, we know the devil is in the details and so often, these are the details that make our clients refer their fellow business owners at a rapid rate.

That’s why Net Engine’s introduction of the new short link and redirect manager was met with a heap of praise this week.

Using short links and redirect links can provide a ton of value, such as:

  • Attractive, Trusted & Professional Branding
  • Boosted Search Engine Rankings
  • Performance Tracking & Monitoring
  • Increased Social Media Shareability

See below for a video walkthrough of how to use this exciting new feature:

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