Our team has put in countless man hours working with a variety of niches over the years but it seems there are always a handful that stick out along the way. The automotive clients we’ve had in our history definitely fit this mold.

Let’s face it, almost everyone has a vehicle (and multiple in some cases), so automotive businesses are constantly seeing a revolving door of customers from all walks of life and that in itself has to produce a wide variety of interactions.

In our experience, not only are auto mechanics (or any specific niche in the automotive industry, for that matter) always busy, but they always seem to have truly enamoring stories to tell.

That’s why using your automotive businesses website to tell that story in the most effective manner can be pivotal when it comes to attracting and converting new customers.

Here are a few areas to focus on to tell the most effective story on your automotive website:

1. Develop Trust

Being able to trust the person who will be working on your vehicle is the number one thing automotive customers are searching for. Using a portion of your site to introduce yourself, what led you into the business, and why you do it can go a long way in establishing that trust. Including personal elements such as your photo, background, community involvement, and personal interests will lend credence to you and your business.

2. Articulate Services

We all know that the list of services an automotive business provides can be rather lengthy. Instead of focusing on that laundry list, why not drill down to a handful of services that make you consider your team the best? Highlight the services that are most requested and bring you the most business, as a vast majority of your customers are going to be looking for those exact features.

3. Let Others Do the Talking for You

To help lend support to #1 on this list, it’s always a best practice to highlight reviews and testimonials of those who have trusted your business in the past. They don’t all have to be perfect, in fact, the more honest the better. Potentials customers put a lot of stock into the words of those who have specific experience with a business. (We do it when we search for businesses to work with, so we should be open to sharing testimonials with those thinking of spending money with us.)

To build websites that tell the best story for our automotive clients, we use a software called Net Engine. Not only do they tell a great story, but these sites are beautiful and built to convert.

Check out the video below to watch us construct an Automotive website in minutes:

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