If you live in the continental United States (or various other parts of the world), I don’t have to tell you how unbelievably HOT it has been outside for the past month or so.

Let’s just say it’s been the kind of hot that has everyone seeking all possible escape routes to the beautiful surroundings of any local body of water available.

It’s also been so hot out that our Pools & Spas clients have been seeing a massive influx in traffic to their websites (and, subsequently, their businesses), which is always exciting.

Naturally, we’ve been spending a lot of time recently reviewing these sites and we tend to come across a variety of things that are absolutely necessary to tell the proper story for our Pools & Spas clients because we understand how pivotal these stories can be when it comes to attracting and converting new customers.

Here are a few areas we focus on to tell the most effective story on our Pools & Spas websites:

1. Visual Appeal

Some businesses just require incredible imagery and video. The kind that evoke actual feelings. That’s why we make aesthetic appeal a top priority with every Pools & Spas website we create. The idea sounds simple (probably because it is) but we want potential customers to see imagery on our websites that put them in a state of mind where they can truly envision being a part of the photo or video. (Added bonus if you can figure out how to evoke the smell of chlorine.)

2. Articulate Products & Services

We all know that the variety of pools and spas offered by these businesses can be quite extensive. Instead of focusing on that laundry list, why not drill down to a handful of products or services that make you consider your team the best? Highlight the products and services that are most requested and bring you the most business, as the vast majority of your customers are going to be looking for those exact features and qualities.

3. Let Others Do the Talking for You

To help lend support to #1 on this list, it’s always a best practice to highlight reviews and testimonials of those who have trusted your business in the past. They don’t all have to be perfect, in fact, the more honest the better. Potentials customers put a lot of stock into the words of those who have specific experience with a business. (We do it when we search for businesses to work with, so we should be open to sharing testimonials with those thinking of spending money with us.)

To build websites that tell the best story for our Pools & Spas clients, we use a software called Net Engine. Not only do they tell a great story, but these sites are beautiful and built to convert.

Check out the video below to watch us construct an Automotive website in minutes:

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